Square: Want more Chrono Trigger? Buy More!

Square Enix Senior Vice President Shinji Hashimoto revealed that the company wasn't very impressed by the sales of cult RPG classic Chrono Trigger during an E3 interview regarding Front Mission Evolved, a reinvention of the Front Mission franchise.

When asked by RPGSite staff if he could foresee Square handing off other much-loved but neglected franchises to external developers as with Front Mission, he asked what franchise we had in mind.

Our response? Chrono Trigger, of course!

"Why does everyone ask about Chrono Trigger?" he laughed. We told him it's a very loved series. "That's not what the sales tell me!" he responded.

"If people want a sequel, they should buy more!"

We'll be posting the Front Mission interview in full shortly, so stay tuned.