Sakaguchi gives update on Mistwalker's new Project

The game system of Hironobu Sakaguchi's new title is "almost done," according to a blog entry by the man credited by many as the king of RPGs.

Sakaguchi is the man responsible for the multi million selling Final Fantasy series, arguably the biggest RPG series of all time - and has now moved on to his own company, Mistwalker.

Mistwalker has previously worked on 2 RPGs for Nintendo DS and 2 on Xbox 360. There's been no hint as to what console this new title is for, though.

Sakaguchi tells Japanese fans on the blog that he is now having meetings in Tokyo regarding the game and he is excited about the battle system, which "makes tactical use of confusion and order on the battlefield."

"I'm betting a lot on this project," Sakaguchi said in a previous blog post, implying it is his biggest undertaking in many years. "I'm putting my full strength into this project; including 120% of my emotions.

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