Mugen Souls Z - English Trailer #2 & #3

NIS America has released a second trailer for Mugen Souls Z. This wacky video gives a nice overview of many of the gameplay elements you will find in the title, so check it out below.

EDIT: NISA is feeling extra generous today, and has released another trailer for Mugen Souls Z, this one detailing the G-Castle battles. So check that one out too!

Taking place immediately after the first game, you take control of the goddess Sylma, who meets Chou-Chou before the end of the first game's events. Sylma is out to stop an ancient threat to her world that has recently awakened. 9999 levels of maniacal mishaps and ethereal adventures await Sylma, her crew, and hordes of Shampurus as Mugen Souls Z hits Western shores in 2014!

Mugen Souls Z  is set to release in North America on May 20 and in Europe on May 23.