Final Fantasy III's 3D remake coming to PC via Steam

Square Enix has revealed that the Nintendo DS 3D remake of Final Fantasy III is to expand its platform reach once again - this time with a PC release via Valve's Steam distribution platform. This likely doesn't come as a huge shock, as the German ratings board leaked it a few weeks ago.

Originally released in Japan on the NES in 1990, FF3 originally never saw a Western release. It finally saw the light of day with a Nintendo DS port, and that version of the game was then carried over to PSP and mobile platforms like iOS, Windows Phones and Android. They even shoved it out on the Ouya. That version is now making its way to PC. It's been quite the journey - and Square Enix are certainly getting their money's worth out of this remake.

The PC version has been 'optimised for PC gaming' according to Square Enix, and will feature 'improved 3D visuals and sotry sequences' as well as Steam Trading Cards, Achievements, and some all-new visual designs for some in-game elements. 

The game was the first to introduce the job system, but also really predates the time when Final Fantasy truly began to grapple with the in-depth stories that made it famous. 

Steam is getting quite the slate of Final Fantasy titles now, with versions of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, XI and XIV all available on the service. One imagines if the 3D remake of FF3 is making its way across, it's only a matter of time before its direct successor, Final Fantasy IV - which also recieved a DS remake later ported to mobile formats - joins it.

Check out the first screenshots below. There's a black border on the left and right of each screen which we believe is a result of the resolution the game runs at - but we've contacted Square Enix for clarification on that issue.

Final Fantasy III PC Screenshots