Atelier Rorona Plus - English Trailer and gameplay clips

Tecmo Koei has released several new videos for Atelier Rorona Plus, the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita remake of 2010's Atelier Rorona. You can check out the long trailer for an overview of all the new additions and changes, such as brand new 3D character models, or you can check out the individual clips to take a look at battles, synthesis, or a direct comparision between the new release and the original one. There is also a handful of new English screenshots.

Europeans can grab the game on June 20th and those in the U.S. a few days later on June 24h. The game will be released in physical and digital formats on PlayStation 3, but digital-only for the Vita version. 

Official Trailer

Battle Gameplay

Synthesis Gameplay

Comparative Gameplay

Atelier Rorona Plus Screenshots