Shadow of Destiny Coming to the PSP

Considered to be one of the best adventure games of the last generation, Konami will be releasing Shadow of Destiny (known as Shadow of Memories in Japan) to Sony's PlayStation Portable this Fall.

Although there was no real combat in the game, the concept of the game was simple - do everything in your power to prevent the death of Eike Kusch, the protagonist of the game. Players were shown a scene where the main character would die; the game would rewind itself, and they were tasked to find ways to stop this from happening, doing everything from concealing oneself amongst a crowd to scare away the killer, or stomping out a torched paper so that it wouldn't spread and burn Eike's future self alive inside the building. Think of it like a more mature version of Back to the Future, only instead of getting your parents together, you're trying to stop fate itself.

There has been no information made available about what enhancements or bonus content will be made available to set itself apart from the original title, but the game will be released in Japan on October 1st, the same day the PSPgo will be released, so we can probably expect a digital release as well.

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