Final Fantasy XV demo coming next year

Square Enix has confirmed that a demo of Final Fantasy XV will launch next year, according to Game Informer (article since pulled).

Titled 'Episode Duscae', it'll focus on early parts of the game, but with aspects tweaked just for a demo-specific experience. Content for the taster wasn't detailed.

The demo will come with copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which'll launch on March 17 in the US, but a rep for Square Enix US couldn't confirm if the demo will launch day-and-date with Type-0's release or on a separate date.

It'll launch on both PS4 and Xbox One. When it does launch - either on Type-0's launch or soon after it - it'll be nine years since the game was first announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PlayStation 3 at E3 2006 and almost two years since its name change to XV, also at E3.

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