Fable II in Five Parts

Ever thought to yourself "I really like that game, but I'd much rather buy it in five separate pieces because I'm on a low fixed monthly-income?" Me neither. As someone who already owns Fable II, I really don't understand what they're doing on this one.

Starting September 29th, you have the option to buy episodes of Fable II. You get the first episode for free, and it basically covers the childhood/young adult phase of the game. Then, you have the option of buying just the second episode or the rest of the game. I wonder if buying 4/5 of Fable II is cheaper than buying the full copy, but there's no word on pricing just yet. It is confirmed that people who decide to go the pay-per-view route will have a game fully compatible with DLC, such as Knothole Island, and co-op play.

I suppose this is good for people who still haven't played and can get the first section of the game for free. In fact, I might just download it anyway because I have nothing else to fill up my 120GB harddrive with. But it'd be kind of nice if they'd call that for what it is, a demo.

The rationale is that it'd be easier on people with smaller harddrives to play the game. And who knows, maybe this is the start of a new trend in how they offer games. But that makes no sense, as harddrives are getting bigger and bigger, and the old red-ring-of-death 360s are becoming obsolete anyway.

Mostly, it just doesn't make sense with this game in particular. Fable II's an awesome game, but the main quest felt pretty short. It was the side-quests that really made the game interesting, and I don't know how they're going to split those into episodes.

But whatever, Fable III is on the way!

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