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SaGa vets are behind Legend of Legacy

FuRyu, the developer behind titles such as Unchained Blades and Exstetra have announced that a new title coming to the Nintendo 3DS in a few months called Legend of Legacy. Graphically, the game looks akin to Bravely Default's chibi-fied visuals. What's even more impressive is the team behind this project, many who had key roles with Square Enix, especially the SaGa series, including legendary composer Masashi Hamauzu and game designer Kyoji Koizumi who previously handled the SaGa Frontier titles. If the background music for the official site is any indication, we are in for a fascinating experience. Let's just hope that the pedigree is strong enough to overcome some of FuRyu's past transgressions.

From the latest V-Jump magazine and translated by ANN, the game is set on the island of Avalon. a legendary piece of land that had up until recently laid dormant. There will be a total of seven protagonists that players will be able to gather into their party: the elementalist Meurs, the young amnesiac Bianca, the treasure hunter Liber, the female knight Garnet, the mercenary Owen, the alchemist Eloise, and the frog prince Filmia.

Legend of Legacy is due out in Japan on January 22nd. There has been no word on a localization.

Legend of Legacy Screenshots and Artwork

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