Final Fantasy Explorers screenshots introduce Geomancer class, Terra Branford

We've gotten a number of updates on Final Fantasy Explorers  during Tokyo Game Show 2014, including a trailer, cameo character Trance screenshots, and more class screenshots. The official website has updated yet again to reveal another new class, Trance transformation, and locale. 

Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI has been revealed as one of the possible transformations in addition to Cloud, Squall, and Lightning. Additionally, the Geomancer class has also been introduced, typically known for using magical abilities that reflect the current location. Finally, the are a few images of a new snowy & mountainous locale - where Bahamut is said to reside. All images are in the gallery below.

Final Fantasy Explorers  is set to release on December 18th in Japan.

Final Fantasy Explorers Screenshots and Artwork