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Square Enix store error hints Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD may be heading to PS4

Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster could well be making its way to PlayStation 4, if an accidental page addition over on Square Enix France’s official web store, known as the Boutique, is anything to go by. The site listing, since removed, promised a 2015 date along with a fairly official looking image of its PS4 cover art.

Both titles were released on PS3 and PS Vita to favorable reviews, including a RPG Site 9, earlier this year. We’ve contacted Square Enix for further clarification, but expect the usual 'no comment' fluff. That said, a slip up on their official web store, complete with box art, is something we'd consider rather convincing - so we'll file this under plausible. Check out a screengrab of how the store looked earlier today below.


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