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Villains and new classes revealed for Disgaea 5

Nippon Ichi has revealed more characters and classes for Disgaea 5, recently revealed to be subtitled Alliance of Vengeance  when it launches on western shores next fall.

Three antagonist characters make their appearance. Void Dark is the main baddie with ambitions to control the netherworld, accompanied by the seemingly young girl, Majorita, and right-hand man, Bloodis. Their artworks are in the gallery.

We also learn about five new classes as well as artworks for four returning ones. Pirates are gun-wielding attackers than specialize in ranged combat. Kyuubi are fox spirits mage units, along with other newcomers: Phantoms, Devils, and Bears. Returning units include samurai, ninja, heavy knights, and gunners.

Gematsu has a great overview of these new classes and gameplay systems on their blog, so check that out for more information! We have a new informational trailer along with all the images below. Disgaea 5  releases in Japan on March 26th.

You can find the first introduction trailer here, and several earlier screenshots here.

Disgaea 5 Screenshots and Artwork

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