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Persona 5's first gameplay trailer is finally here

Atlus has unveiled the first gameplay of Persona 5.

It's the first new footage of the game since it resurfaced just before Tokyo Game Show last September, but the first time gameplay has been shown since its late 2013 reveal.

It showed the usual school antics that the series is known for, but P5's story will be based around a vigilante and a life of crime.

The trailer gave off vibes of Team Persona's last console effort Catherine in graphical tone, but gameplay has a more dynamic feel to it if anything else.

It also confirmed the return of Igor as well as the introduction of a new cat companion.

Watch the trailer below. Atlus reconfirmed the game will release this year - in Japan at least - for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

And here's how it happened from the Persona Super Live concert at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

Famitsu also went live, just before the trailer was shown, with a direct-feed image of the poster for the game that was teased last night in a Japanese newspaper. It'll also have a blowout on the game in its next issue next week.

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