Etrian Mystery Dungeon introduces the Sovereign class


Atlus USA has detailed another class for Etrian Mystery Dungeon, the Sovereign. These knights work as paladins and paragons, dealing physical damage while boosting the party's parameters. Check out all the media below.

Soft! What light mace upon yon fanged howler vine breaks? One doth dare not to thumb thy nose at Sovereignty! Only fools and cowards forget to bow before royalty. Wretched, bloody and usurping boar! You, minion are too saucy and I'll tickle your catastrophe!

The Sovereign is no slippery and subtle knave like the Ninja. No! As a descendant of royalty, breathing the vapor of dungeons clad in heavy plated armor is a class staple of the Sovereign. Taking strikes for their people and inspiring commoners with their own magnanimity is an everyday task.

Forsooth, because of the Sovereign's natural tendency to buff and protect those below them, they art the most wonderous of companions. Though do keepeth this in mind: thou doth not chooseth the Sovereign to beest in thy party. No, the Sovereign chooseth thee.

You can find last week's update here, introducing the Hexer class. Etrian Mystery Dungeon launches on April 7th in North America.

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