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Ray Gigant dated for July in Japan - new characters and battle system details

Bandai Namco has announced that Ray Gigant, the upcoming PlayStation Dungeon-RPG developed by Experience, will release on July 30th in Japan.

The game is structured that each of the three main characters will be the lead for their own chapter and will be supported by two others in a fixed party. This update introduces Kyle's partners - the veteran Conner and young Riona.

An Action Point system is also introduced. All actions take AP, noted by the upper-left green icon in battle screens. Characters can perform multiple attacks each turn, as long as they have enough AP to do so. Enemies also have an AP pool, shown in the red upper-right icon.

These action points are not refilled each battle - any leftover AP is brought over to subsequent ones. The points regenerate slowly during enemy turns and as the player traverse the dungeon. However, stepping on traps can reduce your total AP as well.

Check out all the screenshots below. In case you missed it, see the previous details and media here.

Ray Gigant Screenshots and Artwork

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