Bravely Second screenshots introduce the Fencer and Bishop classes

Releasing in Japan in less than one week, Square Enix has detailed two more jobs for Bravely Second. First is the Fencer, a quick moving physical class, and second is the Bishop, a healing class that can raise magic potency by using the same skill consecutively. These are the asterisks of the Yu's comrades Jean Engarde and Nikolai Nikoranikof, respctively. We also are reintroduced to Braev Lee the Templar, Konoe Kikyo the Ninja, and Alternis Dim the Dark Knight.

Additionally a new hotspring town of Yunohana is revealed. You can see screenshots and art of that in the gallery below, along with several character renders.

In case you missed it, you can find media for the Chariot and Wizard classes here. Bravely Second releases on April 23rd in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

Bravely Second Screenshots and Artwork