Omega Quintet - Battle Screenshots

Idea Factory International has released another batch of screenshots for Omega Quintet, the Idol Sim/JRPG hybrid that launches next week on PlayStation 4. 

The publisher also revealed information about the battle system, which is included in the quote below. You can see the most recent trailer showcasing the battle system here. We'll have a review up for the game in the coming days.

In this batch, you'll see how by building up the Voltage meter, you can enable Live Concert Mode. Depending on the Voltage level you start at, you'll hear different music which applies customizable buffs/debuffs to the stage of battle. With all your fans watching, they'll request you to perform certain battle actions to keep Live Concert Mode going longer!

On top of that, you can also cause a "Field Break" on the enemy's Magnetic Field, allowing you to cause more damage with your hits and perhaps even get an "Overkill"! At the end of battle you'll get EXP bonuses if you've performed the requests of your fans, gotten an Overkill, or otherwise gone above and beyond basic attacks - so go big or go home, because your fans are watching! 

Omega Quintet screenshots