Tokyo Xanadu screenshots show off X Drive and X Strike systems



Falcom has provided new information and media for upcoming PlayStation Vita action-RPG Tokyo Xanadu. This update details more of the battle mechanics - the X Drive and X Strike systems (pronounced 'cross'). At the lower right part of the interface, one can find a gauge as well as two hexagonal icons. By consuming one of these icons, the character can perform a powerful Cross Strike. Each character has a unique attack, and you can see screens in the gallery. These icons are replenished by gaining points through regular combination attacks and skills.

Cross Drive is a sort of boost mode limited by the aforementioned gauge. When the player holds down an arrow key, the character's movement speed will increase, ailments removed, and other parameters will be boosted. During Cross Drive, the capabilities of party members will also be improved, and can be affected by the current party configuration. This will drain the gauge, which can also be refilled by normal attack combinations. 

In case you missed it, you can check the previous update here introducing the 4th character, Yuki Shinomiya. Tokyo Xanadu is set to release on Septermber 30th in Japan.

Tokyo Xanadu Screenshots