Dreamcast Classic Grandia II heading to PC via Steam

Cult classic Japanese RPG Grandia II is to make its way to PC and Steam, as confirmed by Gamespot, who spoke to current franchise rights owners GungHo Online Entertainment.

According to Gamespot, the game will be based on the Dreamcast version of the title from way back in 2000. It'll run at a higher resolution while also supporting mouse and keyboard and gamepad, plus Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.

The confirmation follows a survey launched by GungHo which appeared to gauge fan interest in rereleases or other life being breathed into classic franchsies from the much-loved Game Arts studio - including the likes of Lunar and Grandia. Fan response was obviously seen as adequate, leading to this rerelease.

Grandia II is a game we've fond memories of back on release - and it has one of the greatest soundtracks of its era, composed by Noriyuki Iwadare of Ace Attorney fame. We've embedded a classic - the battle theme - below. More on this as it's announced.



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