White Knight Chronicles To Feature Voice Chat

White Knight Chronicles was missing a critical component when it was released in Japan last December -- voice chat.

Well, fret no longer, my friends. Sony and Level 5 have just announced that this feature will be put into the game when the international version is released in the United States and Europe early next year. This version will also include all of the updates that were made to the Japanese version over the months.

The press confernece also touched base on the GeoNet social network inside of the game (which looks similar to Facebook). You will be able to blog about the game, post pictures, send messages, look at other players' blogs, and more.

Inside of GeoNet is a feature called Georama, which lets players create their own town or city, complete with three type of areas: Plains, Desert, and Wilderness, and fill your area with non-playable characters to give it atmosphere.

Stay tuned to RPGSite as more Tokyo Game Show news develops.

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