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Atelier Sophie screenshots introduce day/night cycle and doll-making

Last week, Gust announced the latest title in their long-running Atelier series of games - Atelier Sophie - which launches on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita on September 25th in Japan. This is the first title in the series to launch on PlayStation 4, and to have a simultaneous Vita version.

The two main characters are the titular Sophie and her partner Prafta. Sophie Neuenmuller is a cheerful sixteen year old redhead who is very passionate about alchemy, although a bit of a slob at times. Prafta is a mysterious silver-haired girl who has lost much of her memory. She is said to be from a book from the workshop.

This is the first in the series to use two separate character artists (NOCO for Sophie, Yuugen for Prafta)

New to the title is a “Doll-make” feature, where Prafta can be customized by incorporating alchemic materials, which will change her appearance. One of the images shows Prafta with giant armored arms.

Atelier Sophie also features a day & night cycle, where certain items and certain enemies can only be encountered at certain times of day. This mechanic hasnt been seen in the series recently, although similar systems were in Atelier Iris 3 as well as the Mana Khemia spinoff series.

It's unclear if the common calendar-like time system will be in place, which was absent in Atelier Shallie.

You can find all the artwork and screenshots in the galleries below, as well as the teaser trailer posted last week.

Atelier Sophie Screenshots

Atelier Sophie Artwork

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