Arnas's Phantom Form in Yoru no Nai Kuni specializes in relentless long-range spells

Another weekly update for Yoru no Nai Kuni divulges new information regarding a much more magic-oriented form for Arnas, a host of activities for Arnas to indulge in when there are no foes to be fought, and another pair of characters revealed for the game.

Blast enemies from a safe distance with Arnas's Phantom Form


Donning a sorceress-like outfit, Arnas unleashes an onslaught of magical spells in this particular transformation. On top of her enhanced abilities to attack effectively from a distance, the Phantom Form possesses support-class features including HP and SP regeneration.

Gather info for the Curia and find a way to save the life of Lyuritis

Detailed in its announcement, the story of Yoru no Nai Kuni primarily focuses on Arnas trying to find a way to save the chosen saint's life from seemingly inevitable doom. According to the legends, the chosen saint, now Arnas's best friend Lyuritis, must sacrifice her life to cast away the Ruler of the Night once more and spare the lives of everyone residing in Rusewall Island but this doesn't reside well with Arnas personally.


Thus, Arnas gathers intel by abiding by the Curia's orders despite knowing that the Curia themselves are the ones who ensure that the chosen saint's sacrifice is carried out. To protect Lyuritis, Arnas must continue slaying the Jayou on behalf of the Curia in hope of finding any clues that may save her friend from a tragic end.


One such mission includes Arnas searching for a hotel assistant and guest; players must do their best to evade traps and gather potential clues before facing off with a huge Jayou responsible for the disappearances of the two missing persons. Eliminate it and sometimes, the individuals saved may carry vital information for Arnas regarding her personal mission to save Lyuritis.

Once a night has passed, Arnas has a bit of free time to burn before the battles begin once more.

Over at the Ende Hotel, Arnas has the option to decide who she'll spend time with. Various event sequences can open up depending on the player's choice.


Arnas can also use this time to expand her array of Servans under her command. Utilizizing different objects characterizing specific spirits, known as Yorishiro, she can form a contract with numerous types of Servan.

Other miscellaneous activities involve buying and selling items inside the Ende Hotel, taking on and fulfilling requests, and participating in the Arena (detailed here) for the chance to win greater rewards.


This trio of new Servans will also offer their services to Arnas.

Promi (Magic Type) - Specializing in fire spells, this Servan's abilities increase once it has identified a foe's weakness and it is not afraid to heat up its enemies from a very close range.

Mine Bomber (Assist Type) - Championing the motto of "Safety First," this specific Servan circles around Arnas and when its HP runs out, it'll ignite an explosion around her and thus protecting her from any nearby nuisances.

Ifrita (Support Type) - Acting like an older sister, this Servan creates area-of-effect fields that boosts the status of nearby allies.

Traveling around for different reasons, a merchant and a youma make their entrances.

Another set of two characters will be joining the cast of Yoru no Nai Kuni.

Lloyd (CV: Satoshi Hino)


A greedy merchant who wanders into Ende Hotel in search for greater profits for himself. He frequently puts up requests for Arnas and shamelessly puts a price on the Jayou though there's more than meets the eye for this peculiar merchant when it comes to his knowledge of the Curia and the Jayou. Additionally, he finds himself engaging in silly quarrels with Professor Alucard.

Mistral (CV: Eriko Matsui)


A bewitching youma who resides in a palace. Her aroma has the ability to confuse any individual who comes into contact with it. She's currently searching for the soul of the Ruler of the Night. Sometimes, she leaves her residence at the palace for a certain something.

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Yoru no Nai Kuni will be hitting Japan for the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Playstation Vita on August 27.

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