Tokyo Xanadu teases its opening animation

This week's update for Tokyo Xanadu introduces a mysterious cloaked figure and several images of the game's opening movie.

Tokyo Xanadu Screenshots

Known as White Shroud, this character is a knight of the 'Chronos Orden' - the army of the Church of the Holy Spirit. This group stands in opposition of the Nemesis and Zodiac groups, due to the Church's desire to seal the Other World. Other details about this knight are a mystery.

Falcom also provided some images of the game's opening movie. Studio 3Hz, a relatively new Japanese animation studio, produced the footage - the first time Falcom has used an external studio for one of their titles. The full opening has not been released yet, but Falcom has posted several stills, and a small snippet can be seen in the TV commercial below.

In case you missed it, you can find last week's update here, introducing Tomoaki Mikuriya. Tokyo Xanadu releases on PlayStation Vita in Japan on September 30th.

Tokyo Xanadu Opening Stills