Tokyo Xanadu screenshots introduce Kizuna Episodes and a mascot character

Falcom has already detailed the playable cast for Tokyo Xanadu and is now providing updates for NPCs and other gameplay mechanics. This week we are introduced to the self-important Tomoaki Mikuriya and the Morimiya City mascot - Morimaru, as well as Kizuna Episodes.


Tomoaki is the narcissistic 29 year old heir to the Mikuriya Group who has recently traveled to Morimiya City. His family, while not directly involved in the Zodiac organization, has become candidates for leadership roles due to their influence in the area. There are murmurs that the Mikuira family hopes to boost their standing through an arranged marriage with Mitsuki Hokuto.

Morimaru is the well-liked mascot of Morimiya City and claims to be a its guardian fairy. He is quite the fan of idol group SPiKA.

Over the course of the game, players will receive Fragments of Fate which allow Kou to see special events with other party members or NPC characters. These events, called Kizuna Episodes, are a bit like the Persona series's Social Links, in that they flesh out the history of a character while boosting Kou's relationship with them. 

In case you missed it, you can find screenshots featuring the mysterious Lem here. Tokyo Xanadu releases on PlayStation Vita in Japan on September 30th.

Tokyo Xanadu Screenshots and Artwork