Tokyo Xanadu introduces its fifth character, Mizuki



Falcom has introduced the fifth playable party member for PlayStation VIta action-RPG Tokyo Xanadu, which releases on September 30th in Japan. Her name is Mizuki Hokuto, and she is the class president of Morimiya High School, and heir to the Hokuto Group enterprise. We are also introduced to our first NPCs of the game, Mizuki's grandfather Seijuurou and secretary Kyoka Yukimura.

Mizuki's Soul Device is a tall staff, which can fire energy-like projectiles from either end. She can also ride around on her staff as it flies as a form of mobile attack, and can create protective barriers. She is suited to longer-range combat, but energy bullets can still be effective in close-quarters (and easier to land).

Two organizations have also been introduced for Tokyo Xanadu. Nemesis - revealed previously - and Zodiac, who clash over how to manage the "Other World" source of monsters. The secrets and workings of these groups will likely play a key role in the unraveling narrative for the title.

Check the screenshots below. You can find previous updates introducing Yuki here, and battle system details here.

Tokyo Xanadu Screenshots and Artwork