Final Fantasy XIV Beta to initially be Windows Only

PS3 fans who want to beta test the newest online Final Fantasy epic may want to think about upgrading their PCs as Final Fantasy XIV director Hiromichi Tanaka told Japanese publication GameWatch that FF14 XIV beta testing will initially only be carried out on the Windows platform.

In the same article information was revealed about how the beta testing will be conducted. To begin with, the beta will not be continuous, only lasting for a couple of hours at a time so the development team can directly monitor the goings on. They'll also be conducted with a relatively small group of people from all over the world.

As the game is tightened up and nears release a full 24-hour beta will begin on the PC, finally ending with a full, free open beta.

It was also revealed that this game is being designed for PCs and ported to consoles - the opposite of PS2-developed FF11. The game is being built with Direct X 9 in mind. You can get more from the Final Fantasy experts at UFFSite.

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