Details and first screenshots for Atelier Shallie Plus


Famitsu recently revealed that Atelier Shallie will be the latest title in the series to receive an enhanced port of the game for PlayStation Vita. Atelier Shallie Plus, like the others in the Plus rereleases, will feature DLC from the PS3 version, including swimsuit costumes, the bonus dungeon, and extra party members in Escha and Solle.

New to Atelier Shallie Plus are the inclusion of Ayesha and Logy from previous titles in the Dusk series and new event scenes featuring them. There will also be more events to further explain the overall Dusk trilogy as a whole. 


Finally there is a first-print bonus for Japanese buyers, which unlocks the original costume for Ayesha. It seems her updated outfit for Atelier Shallie Plus hasn't been shown off quite yet.

Find screenshots in the gallery below, and a Dusk series overivew in the above video.

Atelier Shallie Plus is set to release on March 3rd, 2016 in Japan. The can find the official website here, and our review of the PS3 game here


Atelier Shallie Plus Screenshots and Artwork