Disgaea 2 PAL to come Packaged with Soundtrack

Today Koei UK announced that Disgaea 2 in the UK will come packaged with a unique soundtrack CD with music from the game.

As the full soundtrack avaliable in Japan is 2CDs, this is more than likely a "cut down" version, but still an excellent bonus for Disgaea fans in the UK. People who Preorder the title at GAME's website (www.game.co.uk) will also get their hands on a limited edition Disgaea Art Book, which was avaliable in the US if you ordered from Atlus' Website.

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Similarly, the less famous but equally anticipated Atelier Iris 2 will come packaged with a soundtrack CD in the UK, and gamers who preorder from GAME will get a limited edition 8-inch musical statuette, a game character figurine and an artwork card depicting original artwork from the game.

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