Shiren The Wanderer 5+ heading to PlayStation Vita in North America this Summer


Aksys Games has announced via PlayStation Blog that Shiren the Wanderer 5+ will launch in North America this summer as Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate. This is an enhanced version of Shiren The Wanderer 5, which was a DS release in Japan in 2010. It will be available digitally and at retail on July 26th.

This rogue-like franchise, a part of the larger Mystery Dungeon series, has a spotty localization record for English releases, with only the DS remake of the original and Shiren 3 for Wii seeing light outside of Japan. However, several spinoffs featuring other franchises have seen localizations, such as with the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. Here's the lowdown from Aksys' Danny Miscevich:

Part of the longstanding Mystery Dungeon series, TTOFATDOF (as it is so eloquently abbreviated) looks to continue the tradition of rogue-like RPGs by offering players a gaggle of dungeons and monsters to conquer.

The “rogue-like” genre is somewhat notorious for its challenging gameplay mechanics, but to prospective wanderers I say fear not! Grab a friend and traverse goodie-filled dungeons together with co-op mode! Once you’ve pillaged your fill as a dynamic duo, you can challenge each other in battle mode for glory and bragging rights. Fallen and can’t get up? Send out a rescue request and have your closest friend revive you on the spot! Seriously, questing for loot in dangerous domains has never been easier.

Check out some screenshots and artwork in the gallery below, and a Japanese overview trailer above.

Shiren The Wanderer Screenshots and Artwork