English story, world, and character details for Tales of Berseria


Over on the official Tales of series blog, Bandai Namco has started dropping official English details and descriptions for the world, story, and characters found in Tales of Berseria. The blog entries contain some new screenshots, which we've collected in the gallery at the bottom of the post.

Read along for the information from Namco:

Emotion vs Reason


With a focus on Velvet, the first solo female lead protagonist who strives for her goals with strong emotion, Tales of Berseria is about her confrontation with those who forego emotion and stick to reason to bring order to the world, as well as society’s internal conflict between emotion and reason.

World Setting


The world has a mainland at the center, which will be called the Glenwood Continent in the far future. The main stage of the story is set in the Midgand Empire, a great nation which governs a large area stretching across the sea. This nation consists of countless islands that are divided into multiple territories.

Even in the same kingdom, there is a big difference in the temperature between Northern territory and Southern territory, and even big differences in the climate depending on the location. These varied climates have an impact on the cultures, which varies the building architecture and life styles. Recently, the climate has been cooler across the world, especially in the Northern area as it has almost been buried under the snow.

In the Midgand Empire, the shipbuilding technology and seafaring technology have really evolved. Trade between territories are being actively conducted. Trading ships use specific routes because the ocean currents and the weather change drastically, as well as the threat of pirates.

The Story

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This is the beginning of a mythology where the true story is forgotten in the far future…

Three years ago, the world suffered periods of turbulence due to Daemonblight*, the strange disease that changes humans to monsters.

Velvet and her family, living in a remote and old fashioned village in the Midgand Empire, helped one another and spent warm days together. However, the night the Scarlet Moon rose, Velvet’s life was drastically turned around. She was betrayed by a person who she trusted. She not only lost her parents but also her left hand which was swallowed by a mysterious power. It transformed into a terrible hand which has the power to devour monsters.

Time goes by and three years pass. Velvet Crowe races through the kingdom. Her eyes show her fury against the savior of the world who deprived everything from her… To be continued 


  • daemonblight

The disease changing people into monsters.  Most of people affected by this disease go berserk and attack people but some of them can stay rational.

  • daemon

A monster that a person transformed into. It has been confirmed that even animals can be affected by Daemonblight.

  • malak

A tribe who can use the power of nature. They don’t have ego and are exploited by humans as familiar spirits.

  • Scarlet Night

The Night when the Scarlet Moon rises. Some say the Scarlet Night has something to do with daemonblight…

Velvet - Our Dangerous Hero


“I’ll never give up. No matter how many times I have to try, I’ll devour them all.”

Gender: Female – Age: 19 years old – Height: 170cm

Weapon: gauntlet blade – Tribe: Daemon?

Japanese Character Voice played by: Rina Sato.

She used to be unpretentious and so companionable and have rich sensibilities and love for her family. However, the incident three years ago changed her radically. She barely smiles but she has fury and hatred in her heart instead. Velvet, who happened to suppress her true kindness and feed rage, is becoming the existence that shakes the world …

Her left hand is wrapped in bandage is it had transformed by the mysterious power that swallowed her on the day of the event. This left hand wields the extraordinary power like daemons, but it seems her left hand has a different ability from the one that daemons usually have.

In battle, she is a vanguard type character who makes excellent use of her gauntlet blade and kick skills. 

Laphicet - The Talented Companion

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“It just seems too lonely for her to bear all of it alone. “

Gender: Male – Age: 10 years old – Height: 142cm

Weapon: Paper – Tribe: malak

Japanese character Voice played by: Azumi Asakura.

When he was born, he was exploited as just a tool that can wield artes without even being given a name. He didn’t know how to live without his master’s orders, didn’t have a mind of his own and was emotionless.

At first, his behavior without his own ideas made Velvet irritated but as he learned various things through traveling with her, he grows to develop a mind of his own. His existence gradually becomes an anchor for Velvet to keep moving forward with anger inside her…

You can find previously shared details and screenshots here. Tales of Berseria is set to release on PlayStation 4 and PC. New screenshots are in the gallery.

Tales of Berseria Screenshots and Artwork
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