Dragon Quest Heroes II screenshots showcase new characters


During today's livestream presentation, Square Enix has shared the first trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes II.

The company also shared several more details about the game. A 4 player co-op mode will be available for story battles and a special dungeon known as the Space Time Labyrinth. Additionally, several more characters were announce to be available via free DLC. These characters can only be used in the multiplayer modes.

  • Luceus, Aurora, Isla, and King Doric (Dragon Quest Heroes)
  • Psaro (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Bianca (Dragon Quest V)
  • Nera (Dragon Quest V)
  • Yangus (Dragon Quest VIII)


Square Enix posted new screenshots for Dragon Quest Heroes II, featuring six newcomers from classic Dragon Quest titles. New to this action RPG sequel are:

  • Torneko (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Meena (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Maribel (Dragon Quest VII)
  • Gabo (Dragon Quest VII)
  • Carver (Dragon Quest VI)
  • Angelo (Dragon Quest VIII)
New Characters

Several returning from the first Dragon Quest Heroes have also been revealed. These characters are:

  • Alena (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Kiryl (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Maya (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Terry (Dragon Quest VI)
  • Jessica (Dragon Quest VIII)
Returning Characters

Dragon Quest Heroes II focuses on the story of seven kingdoms that have seen continued peace over a long period. However, one day that balance tips and war breaks out. The events seem to be following an ominous prophecy passed down from ages past..

Dragon Quest Heroes II is set to launch in Japan on May 27th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

Dragon Quest Heroes II Screenshots & Artwork
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