Tales of Berseria screenshots introduce Rokuro and Eleanor

Update: This post has been updated to reflect official English descriptions from Bandai Namco, alongside many 1080p screenshots.


Bandai Namco has posted new screenshots for Tales of Berseria featuring two newly revealed characters, Rokurou and Eleanor.


Rokurou is a 22 year-old swordsman with "a cheerful, pleasant and freewheeling personality" who has been afflicted by the daemonblight. Rather than succumb to it, he manages to wield in along with his swordplay. He owes a debt to Velvet, and joins her on the journey. While he has a longsword on his back, he normally fights using dual daggers. He is also especially kind to Laphicet.

Eleanor is an 18 year-old spear wielder who works as an exorcist with the Abbey to counter the daemon threat. She has a stubborn aspect to always do right things in the right way, but she can sometimes be a little immature. Representatives of the Abbey are often seen as heroes, but Velvet is often as odds with them.

Bandai Namco detailed two more glossary terms:

  • Exorcists

Holy warriors who have the power to fight against daemons. They keep fighting to protect humans by utilizing the power of Malaks to execute artes. They are like heroes for the common people who suffer from damage of Damonblight.

  • Abbey

The organization of exorcists that Midagand established to protect people from the threat of daemons. They lead the politics and the military of the kingdom based on the thought “sticking reason brings order and peace”. Exorcists are ranked based on their ability. There are three ranks for exorcists under the head of the Abbey: Legate, Praetor and Orderly.


Some details were also shared concerning the battle system. Artes can be placed to the four face buttons, which can then be linked in succession in combat. The effect on the chaining varies by the order of the button presses.

The number of times you can link artes depends on the number of souls currently in the Soul Gauge. This starts at 3, but can be increased during a battle when enemies are defeated. You can see this right next to the character portrait in the battle interface.  This system appears to be somewhat familiar to the ones in Tales of Graces or Tales of Xillia 2, only with more customization options.

Bandai Namco elaborates:

The number of “Soul” can increase or decrease in battle:

  • By knocking out an enemy
  • By stunning enemies or causing status ailments to them
  • By using the specific item or picking up “Soul” on the battle field
  • And more ways to be revealed later

”Soul” also sometimes pops up when a party character is knocked out or when you manage to evade the enemy’s attack with a side or back step.

The main conditions that decreases “Soul” are:

  • By being stunned or getting status ailments by enemies

Tales of Berseria is set to release on PlayStation 4 and PC. New screenshots are in the gallery. You can read up on the English story premise, character descriptions for Velvet and Laphicet, and world glossary here.

Tales of Berseria Screenshots and Artwork
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