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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dawn going into full operation this year

We haven't heard about this game for a couple years when news first broke that Nihon Falcom was working on a new game for the PC with online connected features (the details of which are still unknown), but the company recently updated their Facebook page to announce that Akatsuki no Kiseki, otherwise known as The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dawn, will be going live later this year in Japan.

UserJoy Japan, makers of Angel Love Online, will be the developers behind this upcoming title. You can find a quick run-down of the game's characters below.



Nacht Weiss is a young boy of a mysterious background who dreams of becoming a Bracer (sound familiar?). He soon meets a girl named Chloe Barnett, hailing from the Liberl Kingdom, who has a strong passion for justice and chivalry.

They soon discover they are to become partners and set off on an adventure where their conflicting personalities may cause trouble during their time together.




Along the way they will meet Ronaldo Griffin, a Crossbell police investigator; Jillian Sky, a Crossbell police operator; and Lif, an Elfentique company manager. Characters from the other Trails entries will be making an appearance. Players will be visiting the Liberl Kingdom, Crossbell, and the Principality of Remiferia, which I believe is a first for the series.

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teaser site is currently available for the game as well. The game was originally scheduled for 2015 but was delayed until later this year. Thanks to Esterior for the below images.

Trails of Dawn Screenshots


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