Valkyria: Azure Revolution has changed drastically due to fan feedback


Sega announced recently in an interview with Weekly Famitsu that they will be making some pretty big changes to the gameplay in Valkyria: Azure Revolution as a result of the feedback that they received during their Battle Demo Version 1.0 test earlier this year in Japan. Previously, the game was supposed to take a completely different path in order to provide a fresh, new direction for the series after it struggled a bit on Sony's handheld platform.

In that interview with director Takeshi Ozawa, he made it abundantly clear that major changes are incoming based on heavy player criticism. He mentioned the company had received three times the feedback than they were expecting, with a lot of it focused on the battle system and its action-focused mechanic. He said that as a result, the game will now be more "RPG-ish" as a result.

Along with removing field encounters from the game, the party member count will now be upped from three to four. When compiled together, this makes it apparent that the fans wanted a new Valkyria Chronicles - not this action-driven game that the developers had set out to deliver.

Ozawa said that these changes will be seen in the next demo which will be made available this summer. Although he didn't specify, this is very likely to be Japan-only just like the first demo. 

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is set to be released in Japan later this year. While the original demo was included with the release of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, us in the West sadly missed out on the same treatment.