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Final Fantasy XII remaster finally announced for PlayStation 4

Square Enix has announced this morning (June 6) the long-rumoured remaster of Final Fantasy XII for PlayStation 4.

Titled Final Fantasy XII: Age of Zodiac, it'll release in 2017. Its also been confirmed it'll be playable in Los Angeles next week at E3.

This version of XII, which has been rumoured for what feels like forever in numerous ways, is based off Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System and will feature the usual tricks to expect from a HD remaster. These include higher resolution character models, cut-scenes and backgrounds plus higher-quality audio from what was found on the PlayStation 2 version in 2006.

It'll also contain dual-audio English and Japanese voice-acting plus the option to switch between the original BGM for the game and a newly-remastered BGM for the HD version ala Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, plus shorter loading times, an auto-save feature and a turbo mode.

The team in charge of FFXII: Age of Zodiac's also been announced. Find it in full below, but it confirms that producer and co-director Hiroyuki Ito is involved in the project as a supervisor.

  • Producer - Kato Hiroshi Akira
  • Director - Takashi Katano
  • Art Direction - Takahashi Ryotaro (CGStyle Co., Ltd.)
  • Technical Direction - Iwamura Shizuki
  • Game Design -  Jun Akiyama
  • Composer - Hitoshi Sakimoto (Basis Cape)
  • Music Editor - Kawamori Yoshi
  • Sound Effects Direction - Tomohiro Yajima
  • Movie Direction - Ikki Igomori
  • Supervisors - Hiroyuki Ito, Hiroshi Minagawa

Watch the first trailer below along with its first screenshots. Find the Japanese website for it here.


Final Fantasy XII: Age of Zodiac Screenshots



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