Wiimote changes for Twilight Princess

Unlike the previous Legend of Zelda installments where players would have had to bash the 'B' button repeatedly to swing Link's sword, it appears Nintendo have decided to do away with the tradition in favour of some controller swinging goodness.

In an interview with monthly Japanese Nintendo Dream magazine, producer Shigeru Miyamoto stated that the Wii version of the game will now allow players to swing the Wiimote for sword slashes, instead of the traditional B-mashing.

At the E3 expo held earlier this year, players had to push the B-button to swing Link's sword, as Nintendo proclaimed that wildly swinging the controller would get tiring. However after actually testing the feature, Miyamoto stated that the game was "more interesting this way"

One of the Wii's many exciting features

Now with the B-button free, Nintendo has also changed the Bow and arrow controlls for the game. Instead of aiming with the Wiimote and firing with the D-pad as players did at E3, firing is now done by pressing the B button.

If this is the definite control scheme for the game or if players can chose between the 'new' and 'conventional' control schemes is as of yet unclear.

Throughout the interview, Miyamoto seems confident that Twilight Princess will be the greatest Zelda game to date. Planned for realease alongside the Wii launch, these control changes are part of the final tweaks until The Wii is released later this year. Stick with us at RPGSite for the latest news on Twilight Princess as and when it appears.

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