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Diablo 3 is getting a bunch of new content including Diablo 1's campaign and a Necromancer class

Blizzcon kicked off proper this morning, and with it Blizzard announced a bunch of new content for all of their games. Arguably the biggest content update is coming to Diablo 3 in the form of new zones, a new class, and a in-game remake of the original Diablo.

The new zones are Shrouded Moors and Temple of the First Born, both will be available in the end-game adventure mode. Additionally Blizzard announced that Diablo 1's campaign will be remade within Diablo 3, complete with pixilated graphics filters and 8-degree directional movement to simulate that classic feel. Finally it was announced that a new class will be coming to Diablo 3, the Diablo 2 fan favorite Necromancer will be making a grand return in a future patch.

Blizzard did not give a fixed release date for all this new content, but they did say it will all be available in 2017 for PC players that own Reaper Of Souls and consoles players that own the Ultimate Evil edition. You can also check out the Necromancer trailer below! It should be noted that the Necromancer will be part of a "Rise of the Necromancer" pack and may cost money, while the Diablo 1 remake will be available for free at a later date.

Blizzard posted a comprehensive blogpost on the Necromancer here.

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