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These new Nier Automata screenshots are lovely

Nier Automata is sounding pretty amazing. The concept of a sequel to Nier in itself seems like a crazed proposition, and yet here we are. The concept of it being made by action game experts and aiming to blend smooth action with RPG mechanics sounds even more nutty - but here we are. One can't complain.

Square Enix has just released a new batch of screenshots for Nier Automata. They really mostly show off familiar visuals - similar looking locations and of course the same characters we've seen before - but that's besides the point. Look. It's a sequel to Nier. We should keep looking at these screenshots and pinching ourselves to remind that it's really happening. It's even out fairly soon, too - early in 2017.

We chatted to the Producer and Composer of Nier a couple of months ago - be sure to read that enlightening interview. See the shots for yourself below.

Nier Automata Screenshots

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