Final Fantasy XV's next patch adds a freely controllable photo mode

Square Enix is continuing along with its previously detailed plan to flesh out the world of Final Fantasy XV via updates, and the latest will arrive in a little under a week, on January 24. 

The Japanese branch of the company has seen fit to release the patch-notes for the update ahead of time on their official website, which is rather handy. Some of this has been previously spoken about, but more confirmation is always handy.

  • The big new update is that players will now be able to freely take photos of their own without Prompto's help whenever outside of battle. It's a photo mode, basically - a proper one. Nice.
  • Players who don't own the season pass will get access to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival event, a Choco-Mog t-shirt for Noctis and new photo frames that can be applied to in-game photos.
  • Owners of the season pass get all of the above but also get access to the 'Festive Ensemble' outfit for Noctis and even more new photo frames. 

It sounds like a solid update, and according to FF15 director Tabata there's quite a bit more to come. We'll bring you news on that as it lands.


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