Mainline Fire Emblem coming to Switch, Fire Emblem Warriors headed to 3DS

Fire Emblem will make its return to home consoles for the first time since 2007's Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn with a fully-fledged, mainline entry in the series, due 2018.

No other information was offered on the game beyond this, but Nintendo took time out in their Fire Emblem themed Nintendo Direct to confirm that the series would at last be returning to consoles. This, of course, is great news - and it'll be exciting to see what's done with Fire Emblem on console since the series  in general has seen a resurgence post Fire Emblem Awakening.


Fire Emblem Warriors heading to New 3DS

Announced at last week's Nintendo Switch reveal event, Fire Emblem Warriors is exactly what you'd expect: a Fire Emblem game in the style of Dynasty Warriors/Musou, with the developers of those games, Tecmo Koei, on board making it. This isn't a first for Nintendo, of course - Koei also built Zelda musou spin-off Hyrule Warriors. 

Today, Nintendo announced Fire Emblem Warriors is also coming to New 3DS. This mirrors Hyrule Warriors, which also released for both New 3DS and Wii U. And, yes, that's correct - it's a new 3DS exclusive. Older models won't play it.

The game will arrive for both machines in the fall of 2017 - so later this year. Coupled with May's release of Fire Emblem Echoes and the upcoming release of Fire Emblem Heroes for mobile that's a lot of Fire Emblem this year - not that we're complaining!

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