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Resonance of Fate Demo 'Too Difficult'

The Resonance of Fate Demo launched last month, and we posted a small article detailing the contents of the Action-RPG demo. We mentioned the demo would contain a "super easy mode" to help newcomers to the game - but it wasn't easy enough, it seems.

Players over in Japan have complained that the demo was way too tough on newcomers to the action RPG genre, and game director Takayuki Suguro has responded to the complaints on the game's official blog by promising a more fully-featured tutorial mode for the final version of the game.

The tutorial will be totally optional, and separate from gameplay, meaning experienced players can blast right into the story without any hand-holding also.

Resonance of Fate launches as End of Eternity in Japan on January 28th, and a Western release will follow on March 9th, going head-to-head with Final Fantasy XIII. We'll have a full review before then.

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