Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro patch out this month, plus other DLC and update news

After a good couple of months of belly-aching about it on message boards, PlayStation 4 Pro players can finally experience Final Fantasy XV at an even higher quality - the title's much-anticipated PS4 Pro patch is on the way later this month.

In what's an impressive continuing show of faith and dedication, Square Enix will launch the PS4 Pro patch on February 21st, the same day as the 'February Booster Pack' DLC, which adds items such as superhero-inspired suits for the FF15 cast to wear to the game. Details on that booster pack were first revealed a few days ago at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event.

The PS4 Pro patch will allow players on Sony's power-boosted console to play FF15 at 1080p while retaining a solid 60 frames per second. During the announcement, made by FF15 Director Hajime Tabata in a Japanese 'active time report' stream, there was no mention if this patch will fix the screen tearing issues that have plagued the game - but fingers crossed on that too.


That patch will have some bonuses for regular players, too. It'll boost the character level cap from 99 to 120 and also boost the number of Prompto's photos you can saveĀ - from 150 up to 200. Lastly, a much-wanted fan request has been filled: you'll be able to use the music player to listen to classic FF music while riding a Chocobo.

Beyond the PS4 Pro patch this month, next month fans will be able to pick up their first major piece of story-based DLC, Episode Gladio. This casts you as Gladiolus and plays more like a full-on character action game than regular FF15. It's out on March 28th.

On the same day, the promised patch will arrive to address problems with the back end of the game.

The stream also teased a first development build of the game that actually allows the Regalia, FF15's gorgeous car, to head off road and drive over grass and other less welcoming terrain. As yet this might not be something that's ever released, as it's difficult, but Tabata was keen to show his team's experimentation.

The developers also confirmed they'll soon do a survey to take in fans' feelings and use this to figure out further update and DLC plans. When that goes live, we'll alert you.