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New Dragon Quest XI screenshots detail Veronica, Senya, and story premise

Square Enix has updated the official website for Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time, providing new information and screenshots for new characters Veronica and Senya as well as the story premise.

Senya and Veronica

Veronica (the girl in red) is a fearless child prodigy. She has the look of someone strong-willed and in the opening movie we see her deal out attack spells. Senya (the girl in green) is a soothing girl. She comes about with a neat and clean atmosphere. In the opening movie you can see a scene with her playing a harp. Senya will be useful for healing-type magic and Veronica is a character not to be looked down upon just because she’s a child.

The game starts off after the Protagonist's sixteenth birthday. As a reincarnation of a legendary hero, he heads off to Delcadar - the largest nation in the land- to meet the king and learn more about his burden. However, the meeting does not go as planned and the king instead calls the Protagonist a devil child, and sends soldiers to apprehend him.

Dragon Quest XI is due out for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS in Japan this year. A Nintendo Switch version is also currently in development.

Dragon Quest XI Screenshots and Artwork

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