Dark Souls III - The Ringed City DLC gets more screenshots and artwork

Bandai Namco has posted new screenshots and artwork for Darks Souls III - The Ringed City DLC, set to release on March 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The DLC will run $14.99 stand alone, or it can be downloaded at a part of the $24.99 Season Pass.

Find the screenshots and artwork below, with descriptions courtesy of Bandai Namco. You can find a gameplay trailer and more screenshots/art here.

A Dragon that breathes fire. As it sinks into the darkness, black crystals that appear on its body fly into the air. At last, the dragon may be consumed by the darkness…. 
A Ringed Knight, who is one of the old knights. The withered sword, which was sealed by the Gods in the past, seems to have regained its past appearance.
An ancient city that has sunken under darkness. Many things have sunken, but at the same time, many have arose.
A knight covered in heavy armor whom you encounter at Dreg Heap. If trusting his words, the knight has become a hollow who has lost his memory. The knight seems to continue his journey in order to gain back his forgotten memory. However…
A gray giant who appears to wear the old judicator clothes. Raising its hands up in the air, the giant is shouting towards the ceiling. Seems it's calling someone far up in the sky. 
An ancient weapon with demented, tangeled remains. The Mad King still lives inside and when the King awakens, it emits the power to protect the master. Though the King could be whimsical.
The Chaos Fire itself is a curved sword as it transforms into a sword shape. 
It could be a weapon to be used as a sword or simultaneously, as pyromancy. 
Clothes that were worn during the age of Gods. Also very rare to see armor for women. With an elegant touch of fashion, only people from the royal family were able to wear this armor.
A creature which is similar to Pilgrim Pupa. Corpses have grown under the creature, as it raises it's head to the red sky, looking down upon the angels. Its name is Stone-humped Hag.
Under the soft light of sun set, a woman sleeps everlastingly. Covered by overly grown bacillus, she is holding a half cracked shell. Her name is Filianore - her sleep is meant for the sake of others.