Knights in the Nightmare heads to PSP

Knights in the Nightmare is to make the jump from Nintendo DS to PSP, with the strategy RPG title set to be ported to Sony's handheld machine for an April release in Japan.

Knights in the Nightmare was released for the DS in late 2008 in Japan, with a Western release picked up and released by Atlus in June 2009. 

The title has elements of strategy RPGs and shooters mixed together in isometric, grid-based gameplay and is related to the Riviera and Yggdra Union titles. 

The PSP port will feature all-new controls, an opening anime movie and an catalogue of in-game dialogue for players to browse through. It's set to launch April 22nd, and a Western release is yet to be announced, though we expect Atlus to publish the game again. 

More as we get it.