The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III screenshots reintroduce Tita and Agate

Falcom has posted another update for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, reintroducing two of the very first characters in the series. Tita Russell and Agate Crosner make a return for the first time since Trails in the Sky the 3rd (which you can check out our glowing review of the recently released English version here).

Falcom also announced that Trails of Cold Steel III will launch on September 28 for PlayStation 4. Find the new information below.

There will be some spoilers for earlier games in the series.

Tita Russell


Now 16 years old and against her mother's wishes, Tita has enrolled at Thors II in Class IX: Administration Division. Being involved in the Liber Ark incident 4 years ago, she learned about happenings in the Empire from her then-companion Prince Olivert. Tita decided to go to Erebonia and study under Professor Schmidt to learn about the technology and armaments used by their mysterious foes.

Agate Crosner


Now 28 years old and an A-class bracer, Agate not only worries about Tita at her new school, but he also seeks to learn more about the origins of the Hundred Days War 14 years ago. Knowing that mysterious societies are making their moves, he also travels to Erebonia.

Professor G. Schmidt


Known as the brightest scientist in the Empire, Schmidt is one of Dr. Epsteins star pupils alongside Tita's grandfather Albert. His endless curiosity lead to the development of orbal weapons, railroads, and other machines. During the Erebonian Civil War, his work pioneered the development of the Panzer Soldats and contributed to the creation of the Ashen Knight's weaponry.

He's currently at Thors II as a special advisor researching and developing new technology, with Tita as his new understudy. He also designed the Einhel Fortlet at the school, used as a training and weapon test facility.

You can find the previous character set here introducing Aurelia, Michael, and Towa. Find screenshots and art in the gallery below.

Trails of Cold Steel III Screenshots and Artwork