The Alliance Alive Guild System Explained in Detail

We are eager to see more information on The Alliance Alive, and the latest Weekly Famitsu issue has a new coverage on FuRyu's upcoming new RPG. This time it explains about the Guild system in detail, divided into Guild Towers and Telegraph segments.


Guild Towers

There are 5 types of Guild Towers that are available in The Alliance Alive, which are as follows:

  • Intelligence Guild: The green-colored guild is said to be the most important out of the five guilds. Player can either increase or decrease the spawn rates of certain monster types in this guild. It is represented by the green guild girl Catherine.
  • Smithing Guild: The red guild can create various weapons and armors. When expanded, it can create stronger equipments using better materials. Represented by the red guild girl Aria.
  • Library Guild: The white guild lets player read information on collected weapons and armors; a feature recommended for item completionists. Represented by the white guild girl Victoria.
  • Tactics Guild: The blue guild allows acquisition of new positions and creation of new formations. This guild is represented by the blue guild girl Louise.
  • Spell Guild: The yellow guild lets player research Seal Spells and develop Universe Vessel items required to use them. The more expanded the guild is, the stronger the spells that can be researched. Represented by the yellow guild girl Fiona.

At default there are a few Guild Towers already built, but the player can also build new Guild Towers on places with a shining pillar coming out from the ground. However the player will also need to recruit a character with the corresponding guild type qualification beforehand to actually build the Guild Tower. That character will be the Guildmaster of that new tower.

The aforementioned guild girls, shown at the first page of the coverage, are examples of Guildmaster candidate characters that have the corresponding guild type qualifications.



Telegraph refers to the communication network established by nearby Guild Towers. By building Guild Towers within the telegraph range of a Guild Tower of the same type, that guild type will be expanded to level up and unlock more enhancements.

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Another effect of Telegraph is that having battles inside the Guild Tower range may sometimes trigger contact from the tower that will give a support effect that differs based on the guild type. The support will come at a random time during battles; it can be either right at the start of a battle, or later after a number of turns have passed.

  • Intelligence Guild - Interference Work: Stuns all enemies for a turn.
  • Smithing Guild - Smithing Guild Cannon: Deals a powerful attack to all enemies right at beginning of the battle. May also instantly beat weak enemies.
  • Library Guild - Real Time Analysis: Reduces defenses of all enemies, and also shows their weaknesses, abilities and droppable items.
  • Tactics Guild - Optimum Placement Adjustment: Raises position effects for all ally characters, for example Attack positions get attack power raise, and Guard positions get defense power raise.
  • Spell Guild - Spell Guild Defensive Wall: Generates a defensive wall that will protect all ally characters from any attacks.

The Alliance Alive will be released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on June 22. There is no word yet of an English localization.

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