Check Out Lost Sphear's Characters and World Setting

Still fresh from yesterday's announcement of Lost Sphear, the latest Weekly Famitsu has provided the first information batch of the second game of Project SETSUNA by Tokyo RPG Factory. You can read on the details below.



This world is created by memories.
People living here become memories of the star, forming this world.
If there were memories of an endlessly far past,
there are also memories of this moment right now.
And when memories are lost, existences will also disappear.
People call that as Lost.
Lost things cannot be restored with human powers.
That theory ought to be unchangeable in any era.
However, a boy who uses the power of memory appears in the world.
The boy's name is Kanata.
Nobody knows whether that is a hope or a new despair for the world.
But the journey concerning Kanata's memory, which is about to begin now,
will unmistakably give a big influence to the world.



  • Kanata (Weapon: Sword) - A normal boy raised in El, the Moonbell Town, who got awakened to the "Power of Memory"which can create and alter the world, when accidents start occuring there. Kanata lends his power to the Empire, which wishes to save the world with that power, after agreeing on the requirement to search for his mother who disappeared when he was a child.
  • Lumina (Weapon: Martial Arts) - Kanata's childhood friend. She was drifted to the town in her childhood, and was raised there since then. She has a deep feeling towards Kanata.
  • Rock (Weapon: Bowgun) - Along with Lumina, he is also Kanata's old acquaintance. He has dexterous fingers, and his skill on crafting weapons makes even adults ashamed.
  • Van (Weapon: Bits) - A mysterious man who suddenly appeared in front of Kanata. He controls the bits with magic, which can do offense and defense.


As mentioned in the Story segment, the world in this game is created by memories. When memories are lost, the substances of those memories will also disappear, becoming Lost. The story begins with Kanata's hometown, El the Moonbell Town, becoming Lost, so Kanata and his friends begin a journey to take back the lost world.

This world has been rebuilt multiple times that it has a mixture of buildings and civilizations from various eras. Some areas have a fantasy feel, while some others will instead have a steampunk feel.

Kanata can speak with his friends during the journey. There may be also important conversations slipped in-between.



The battle system is based on I Am Setsuna, but a new strategic feature is added by now allowing characters to move on the battle map. When using skills with effect ranges, it is now possible to move the character so that all possible targets can be included in the range. The Setsuna System from I Am Setsuna will be also making a return here.

Approaching monster symbols in the area map will trigger battles seamlessly. However the player is also able to slip around them without getting detected.


Lost Sphear will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Fall 2017 in Japan. The Western release in early 2018 will also receive an additional Steam version.