Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection - E3 Trailer and Screenshots

Falcom has posted an E3 trailer and some details for the recently announced action RPG Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection. Originally released in 2009, this Falcom-developed title is set to release soon - sometime this Summer. Most interesting, the game will feature an "expanded" set of English voice with over 2000 voiced lines.

Find the media and information below. For more details, check out the debut announcement here.


Two Playable Characters At Once (Plus a Pet)
Ragna roughs up foes in melee range, while Alwen fires off salvos of powerful magic or locks down enemies from afar. Switch between the two on the fly to create crazy combos!

Unique Food-Based Experience System Gives Greater Control Over Leveling
Experience is gained through eating food, which can be cashed in immediately or saved to trade later for food worth even more EXP. Entire game can be played at level 1, if you dare.

Strange and Quirky Setting with Strange and Quirky Characters
Taking a page from the Legend of Heroes series, the residents of Ilvard are a lively lot, and a lot can be learned about each one as the story progresses. What’s the deal with that chain-smoking nun? Which of the three maids shirks the most work? And... is that a girl in a giant penguin costume?

Brand New, Expanded English Voices
Over 2000 voiced lines have been added to bring the twists and turns of the story to life.

Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection Screenshots