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Check out what Famitsu reviewers have to say about The Alliance Alive

The Alliance Alive will be released soon in Japan, and Famitsu has reviewed this latest JRPG by FuRyu in their Weekly Famitsu magazine. The four reviewers gave scores of 9/8/8/9, for a total of 34 out of 40 points.

The first reviewer gave a 9:

"The stronger the opponents are, the better the probability is for Awakening which unlocks new techniques. This matches well with the system aiming for instant comebacks when the party is in a pinch, so you will want to constantly challenge strong enemies, and it's also very thrilling! The fact that a lot of selections are provided -that will have different results although they would not influence the main storyline- is also good for players to enjoy their own different story developments. The Telegraph feature, where you build towers on the land to share information, is also a unique feature."

The second reviewer gave an 8:

"Players will get drawn in the firm story, and there are also selections that players will have to choose. While these selections are shown on the sideways of the adventure, they are scattered all over the place, and furthermore, the results of the selections will be properly reflected in the game world, which is nice. You can play battles and character raising with your own preferred style, so there's a strong sensation of you having your own adventure. The BGMs in various places including battles and fields are good, and they also bring up a pleasant atmosphere."

The third reviewer also gave an 8:

"Although it's created in an orthodox way, the grand adventure is full of surprises and changes, such as a variety of strange rides or getting put in a pinch when having to make decisions. Battles may feel a bit repetitive, but you may actually feel glad about the constant growths such as learning new skills in battles. As a woman who cannot read maps, I sometimes lose sight of destinations and directions, but I can feel the high freedom in exploration so I never felt stuck."

And finally, the fourth reviewer gave a 9:

"The scenario texts that are concise and humorous, and the BGMs which hold emotions within their calmness, made the experience of the somewhat orthodox story irreplaceable. You can feel strong fixations in the environmental sound effects and slight movements of the characters. System-wise, while it took some time in reading the required information, it can be enjoyed without much hassle by both completionists and hasty players, so it has an excellently wide frontage for an RPG."

In conclusion, Famitsu's reviewers highlighted the results of selection events affecting the game world, the high degree of freedom in exploration and character growth, and the decent soundtrack. However, the sheer size of maps and game contents may also cause some players to get lost.

The Alliance Alive will be released for Nintendo 3DS on June 22nd in Japan. There is no news of an English localization yet. You can read more information about the game here.

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